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Developer Info

We encourage anyone who has an interest in programming, databases, interface design or even just goldfish to help develop this project. Any input is welcomed.


-XHTML Compliance
-Completely operating system and browser independent
-To kick ass.

Design Guidelines

In order to make the world a better place...


I would like to see similar scripts to this mp3 tag reader for other file formats. There has to be some open source software that does this somewhere. I'm looking to index mp3 tags into the user's sqlite DB, but I would like to have such functionality for other file formats such as vorbis also. Maybe WMA too. It would give people greater search capability. (Notice this paragraph doesnt contain a single buzzword or mention of spotlight, metadata or longhorn. Too much BS hype.)


You can use NFG code however you wish. Software or scripts you can optionally use with NFG (PEAR, etc) have their own licenses that could be different. You have no warranty or guarantee that any of this software will function or not kill you.

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